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Ron LeGrand is an expert in selling information about real estate. Selling real estate information is a complicated affair and you can use Ron’s techniques to increase your sales in a down-market. Ron started out on a different scale. He initially went to a seminar detailing on how to make money from real estate but without credit or money. Although he was bankrupt then, his speaking at seminars changed his life. His speeches had high impact on innumerable people and many of them have become millionaires. Ron has also purchased over 1,800 properties over the last eighteen years.

Soon after that, Ron wrote a small book and sold it for $10. He also held his first seminar on the information marketing business. This expanded still more than his real estate business and is now a publicly held company. This company has annual sales of over $10,000,000 in information products.

Ron sells three books, each costing $600. You get the third book free if you buy the first two books. Real estate investment needs more than just selling skills. Although Ron stresses that you can make money in real estate quickly, it is not that easy. It takes months and sometimes years to make substantial money out of real estate. You need to work for more than twelve hours each day, scout around for good properties along different streets, and spend sufficient time on the phone and your desk. Only then, you reap benefits of your hard work. It is not that easy as buying Ron’s book or courses and earning a six-figure income.

Ron’ books are divided into three different categories. One category is for sale by owner, the next deals in retail and wholesale, and the last book deals in lease options. Each of these books is for $600 although they are very thin and do not have many pages. Ron assures that each of these books is a total guide to the real estate business and even having one, and functioning according to that, will earn you good income.

Ron’s advice in his books is similar to that of Carlton Sheets. Both advocate a real estate technique to earn you high income. However, you need not invest anything initially. Carlton’ books and courses are cheaper than Ron’s by $200. Ron’ claims of having earned thousands and millions through real estate do not seem real. He must have earned a lot of money through selling his information on real estate investing. Of course, sometimes his ideas and information in his books may click and you could land up with a few properties. However, it is not a certainty that all acquire new properties through his book.


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