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Real Estate Investing School

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A Real Estate Investor is born every minute never having attended a formal Real Estate Investing School. True facts. Here is the problem … they die a slow death shortly thereafter. The truth of the matter is Real Estate investing is part art and part science. You must learn the scientific part before you can become creative enough to become an artist. I have been one to have derived much of my knowledge from Guru type courses. To this day, I continue to find my golden ticket even while having paid a pretty big chunk of green backs on a very expensive school. I guess I don’t learn my lesson; hopefully I can profit from it though.

There is a lot you can gain from REA’s (Real Estate Associations) and sites like Bigger Pockets. There is no doubt that the individuals that run those entities are knowledgeable. The issue comes when you have to put it altogether. No one will teach you what to do for free. It’s the NEWBIE DILEMMA. Anytime you want hand holding, it will cost you. Most guru courses set you on the correct path, but the hand holding will cost you a nominal fee if you are lucky enough to be a newbie with either great credit, an IRA with deep funds, or a chunk of Benjamin’s stored away. Finding a Real Estate Investing School was not an easy assignment given my Guru course failure. Once again I was reluctant to pull the trigger.

Analysis Paralysis

Most of the biggest issues with the courses have been pulling the trigger on making calls to potential investors, cash buyers, or home owners. It’s not an easy task. If you have no sales or public relations background, it can become overwhelming to pick up the phone and speak to anyone while not being educated. During a seminar for the school I am attending, the National Director posed a great question. “Would you visit a doctor that was not educated or have a pilot fly a plane without having attended flight school?” He had a point! How can anyone feel confident to make pretty sizeable deals without being schooled? How can we trust a home study course to teach us the ins and outs of what we are doing? Where are the checks and balances? Who will hold me accountable?

Most of the time a REI course would come up short … short of giving me the confidence to go out and wheel and deal my way to a profitable negotiation. Mind you, I have been attending an online college to finish off a degree, but at the end, I was graded on what I did.

Real Estate Investing School

Enter the Sandman. I have found exactly what I was looking for. I signed up with my mentor and eventually landed with a National Real Estate Group that has a Real Estate College associated with it. It is a way for a student to be able to practice what he/she is learning while still learning. They added the mentor to help me along the way. The mentors areĀ  seasoned Real Estate investors that I can reach out to. Not via email, I actually have my mentors phone number. We get on calls daily Monday through Thursday to discuss strategy. We are in the process of opening up a location where we (students and investors) can meet weekly to discuss strategy. That is locally. On the national level, I have a week filled with webinars and conference calls. I have impact meetings daily and a 6 month study group where I can confirm what I have learned. Did I mention I can profit from marketing this education? Why wouldn’t I want to sell this? I am learning and making it happen. I am the poster child for things that work correctly in this enterprise.

I can speak from experience and share my earnings and my trials and tribulations with prospective investors/students. I have so many involved in my success, that I want to share it with everyone. Why not? I am fully invested and I can see my confidence increasing and I can tell that I am starting to believe myself.


If you would like more information on getting started, go to http://www.reistudentnetwork.com

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